i like: 36 days of type

“36 Days” is a collaborative type project that makes use of the social media hashtag to bring together the inspiring work of designers and illustrators from all over the world. This iniciative was created thru instagram. There was a calendar, and each day, starting the first of april, anyone could participate usig the daily hashtag created for each letter and number. It was a very well recieved iniciative so lots of people all over the world participated. This is a selection of the collaborations I found on instagram ,  facebook and pinterest. Hope you like it as much as I did.

a-juanjo rivas b-bnomio c-ales_santos d-andres_momo e-yippiehey f-marthamox g-arroyojv h-panchisoii i-silgrm j-johnny_duque k-uribeiru l-quattrolinee m-_michela_ n-estudi_oh o-joaquin aldeguer p-albacasares q-l2gcristiani r-isadesign s-hohu_v_instinct t-shahinhaghjou u-muokkaa v-arantxagilv w-dashiffa x-leplanchedesign y-yallbcn z-chiquichicano

0-andretauio 1-silescristian 2-illodes 3-josepablorobles 4-albert_ramon 5-abelcuevas 6-airwhales 7-brazodehierro 8-malmohouse 9-kamanchi


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